The Joy of Serving

I want give a shout out to our team of volunteers who served at the Box Meals Initiative. This event took place on Tuesday, April 7, at 6:30 pm. in our parking lot. In the Box Meals we gave away totals: 160 Hot Dogs, 158 bags of chips, 120 Capri Suns and 100 cupcakes. Our parking lot was set up for car drive-thru. Some people were served as walk-ups. The North East Christian Church partnered with Russell Cave to serve our community. What a wonderful partnership.

Our thanks to: Mr. & Mrs Chris Lloyd of North East Christian Church, Deacon Anthony Berry, Mr. & Mrs. William King and family, Marie LaPierre, and Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Tanner . Our thanks also to Shirley Pauler of First Alliance Church. Shirley was responsible for composing a letter and mailing it to as many of the families for which there were addresses. She also came to help serve the meals.

In my first correspondence to you on this web sight, I encouraged you to pray for opportunities to serve our church family and others. I also said that God has a way of calling on His Church to serve others. Thank you Church for answering His call.