What We Are Doing Now

I have been in touch with our church Deacons and we are all in agreement that the worship gathering, the Kids Reading Better program, the Youth Bible Club, the Mary Martha Circle Saturday Luncheon, the Men’s Saturday Breakfast /Bible study and any other gatherings at Russell Cave be canceled.

We have an obligation to protect life and insure the safety of others. I believe our Governor and other sources call it “Social Distancing”. When we practice Social Distancing, we are telling our community and others that we care about their safety.

This dreaded infection has turned our world upside down and take so many lives. I want to ask you to pray for one another and remember the families who have lost loved ones to the Corona-virus. . They need our prayers.

We do not know what the future will bring, but we do know the one who holds tomorrow. Deacon, Tony Williams, had a favorite hymn that he would often lead the congregation in, “Have A Little Talk With Jesus” . This is our “Have A Little Talk With Jesus” Time. Thanks Brother Williams, now we see the relevance of this song.

I want you to also think of some ways in which we can serve our church family and others. Some may not be there yet with this idea of serving. God has a way of calling on His Church to serve others. We want to see others come to Christ. However, we also want to do all that we can to help others. Know that daily I am praying for you.

Fred Mitchell
Russell Cave Church of Christ